As a beauty lover and discoverer , I had always felt that I have a gift to see beauty in others ever since I was a very little kid  . If I ever pass by someone with deep expressive eyes I feel ignited to read their face with a lens of a camera and freeze the moment if I ever miss to see it again.  I started taking photography seriously in 2009 .To me  seeing the captured moments all over again with a print, on a computer screen or a cell-Phone, is a way of satisfying my urge to re-live the experience again. I love that I get to be artistic. I love that I get to meet beautiful people. Sometimes, after a shoot, I feel like I made new friends.

Photography means a lot to me by all its aspects. It’s not just about how good I’m in taking the perfect shoot ,but it carries a very sentimental meaning to engage with other people around me, ,understand what’s important to them ,feel and explore their features. I feel fulfilled to add joyful moments to the families and impact their lives as a portrait photographer, because I believe that their stories should be told through photographs. I have a gift that allows me to show people a side they never thought they have or were not able to see . I’m specializing in portrait photography and still learning all about it and anything related to humans to leave a legacy behind me! ,real art for people to learn from ,nonetheless photography to me in one words is passion. I get overly excited about light quality, colors and themes. I hunt for the interplay of shadows and exposure. As a Portrait photographer I can operate out of a studio or work on location, with schedules that vary depending on the types of clients and jobs they take. I use my artistic ability along with my technical skills in this field, throughout  the time I spend dealing with clients I gain good interpersonal communication skills .
Other Skills towards Photography

-I have an expanded experience in the entire process of photography such as working on Photoshop, illustrator and film making.
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